Keyser Valley Taxidermy specializes in all phases of taxidermy. We primarily specialize in Bear, Deer, and Fish. Keyser Valley Taxidermy offers state of the art tanning services. We have a 6-9 month turnaround on most of our services. Keyser Valley Taxidermy uses Dermestid beetles for skull cleaning.  This will create a showroom quality finish.

Keyser Valley Taxidermy specializes in custom bear rugs. NEPA is home to some of the worlds largest black bruins. Taking one of these amazing animals is truly a once in a lifetime trophy.What better way to remember this experience then an awesome shoulder mount or stylish Bear Rug. Keyser Valley Taxidermy can give your trophy the care it deserves. We can make this amazing moment last a lifetime.

Field Care Tips

Please call or visit this link for Field care tips so we make sure your trophy is its best quality when finished.