Full shoulder mounts starting at $500. While we offer one of a kind truly amazing shoulder mount options for Trophy Whitail. Keyser Valley Taxidermy also offers a more cost effective option. We offer an amazing European skull mount that is sure to pack a punch in your man cave, or any room of your house. This is a cost effective , space saver, and amazing way to preserve your trophy.

European skull mounts done are with out boiling. We use Dermestid Beetles for Skull cleaning. This method guarantees the cleanest and best results in comparison with other methods. Skulls will not shrink and become brittle as it does with boiling, and will give your trophy the proper look it deserves.


Trout and Salmon are properly degreased and we use artificial heads at your request. We also have custom driftwood at your request. NEPA offers some of the most diverse fishing, in the state. Weather it’s a trophy smallmouth, Largemouth, or one of NEPA’s beautiful trout, we can make your catch last a lifetime. Located just a few hours down Interstate 81 from the Salmon Capital of the east Pulaski. NY. With several years of experience working with fish , we will ensure the best quality.


A Pennsylvania Black Bear is truly a once and a lifetime trophy. It is something that can be remembered forever. We offer many types of bear mounts and specialize in bear rugs. Pennsylvania ranks as one of the top states for trophy Black bear hunting.

Keyser Valley Taxidermy is located right in the middle of one of the best hot spots for trophy Black Bears. NEPA, is consistently harvesting trophy black bears year after year. Keyser Valley Taxidermy has the experience and ability to set your Trophy in a class of its own. Keyser Valley Taxidermy will make your trophy last forever.